That's My Jam: SUMMER Edition


This isn't your typical canning book.

From the author of the food blog Love & Olive Oil comes , featuring 10 new and updated seasonal jam recipes highlighting the best of summer produce, including Peach Lavender, Raspberry Balsamic, Tequila Watermelon and MORE, plus a detailed 'getting started' guide with tips, tricks, and the tools you need to become an expert canner.

Each and every recipe comes complete with a beautifully designed printable label as a downloadable PDF: simply print out onto sticker paper or card stock, cut out, and adorn your jars. Perfect for gifting!

If you are...

An experienced canner looking for some unique new recipes or some designerly labels to up your packaging game...

A beginning canner looking to play with new flavors and techniques...

A newbie who has been wanting to learn how to can but has been hesitant to try...

What's Inside:

  • 10 new and updated recipes for homemade jams and jellies. Recipes that have appeared on the blog before have been retested, updated, and/or redesigned.
  • Downloadable PDF printable labels for each and every recipe, plus a few surprises. :)
  • Getting started tips, tools, and information for new and experienced canners alike.
  • Resources for supplies, jars, and extended reading.

The ebook will be emailed directly to you as a beautifully designed PDF file for easy reading on your computer, tablet, or mobile device, with convenient clickable links to resources and downloads, text only recipe pages for easy printing, plus an interactive table of contents for quick navigation, and stunning, full-page images of each and every recipe for your drooling viewing pleasure.

Stay tuned for the next seasonal editions:

Buying Options

Buy your copy today for only $4.99! Included are 10 new and updated recipes, each with a custom designed printable label, plus extensive information and resources for new and experienced canners alike.


Order the 4-SEASONS bundle here and save 15%! Plus, get a special BONUS recipe book with 10 delicious jam-filled recipes to put your homemade preserves to use.

Happy Canning!
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That's My Jam: SUMMER Edition