That's My Jam: 4-SEASONS Bundle & BONUS Recipe Book!


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Order the 4-SEASONS bundle and save 15% vs buying each edition individually. PLUS, order now and get a special BONUS recipe book with 10 jam-filled recipes to put your homemade preserves to use.

What's inside:

  • 10 new and updated recipes for homemade jams and jellies. Recipes that have appeared on the blog before have been retested, updated, and/or redesigned.
  • Downloadable PDF printable labels for each and every recipe, plus a few surprises. :)
  • Getting started tips, tools, and information for new and experienced canners alike.
  • Resources for supplies, jars, and extended reading.

After completing your order your credit card will be charged in full and you will be able to download the four seasonal editions and bonus recipe ebook immediately.

Happy Canning!

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That's My Jam: 4-SEASONS Bundle & BONUS Recipe Book!